TangiBoard: A toolkit to reduce the implementation burden of Tangible User Interfaces in education

Tangible User Interface TUI toolkit Computer-aided instruction Higher Education.

Attard, G., De Raffaele, C. and Smith, S., 2019. TangiBoard: a toolkit to reduce the implementation burden of tangible user interfaces in education.


Dr. Ing. Clifford De Raffaele Researcher
Dr. Serengul Smith Researcher
Geoffrey Attard Researcher


The use of Tangible User Interfaces (TUI) as an educational technology has gained sustained interest over the years with common agreement on its innate ability to engage and intrigue students in active-learning pedagogies. Whilst encouraging results have been obtained in research, the widespread adoption of TUI architectures is still hindered by a myriad of implementation burdens imposed by current toolkits. To this end, this paper presents an innovative TUI toolkit: TangiBoard, which enables the deployment of an interactive TUI system using low-cost, and presently available educational technology. Apart from curtailing setup costs and technical expertise required for adopting TUI systems, the toolkit provides an application framework to facilitate system calibration and development integration with GUI applications. This is enabled by a robust computer vision application that tracks a contributed passive marker set providing a range of tangible interactions to TUI frameworks. The effectiveness of this toolkit was evaluated by computer systems developers with respect to alternate toolkits for TUI design. Open-source versions of the TangiBoard toolkit together with marker sets are provided online through research license


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