An Active Tangible User Interface Framework for Teaching and Learning Artificial Intelligence

Tangible User Interface Computer-aided instruction Higher Education Artificial Neural Networks

De Raffaele, C., Smith, S. and Gemikonakli, O., 2018, March. An active tangible user interface framework for teaching and learning artificial intelligence. In 23rd International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (pp. 535-546).


Dr. Ing. Clifford De Raffaele Researcher
Dr. Serengul Smith Researcher


Interactive and tangible computing platforms have garnered increased interest in the pursuit of embedding active learning pedagogies within curricula through educational technologies. Whilst Tangible User Interface (TUI) systems have successfully been developed to edutain children in various research, TUI architectures have seen limited deployment in more complex and abstract domains. In light of these limitations, this paper proposes an active TUI framework that addresses the challenges experienced in teaching and learning artificial intelligence (AI) within higher educational institutions. The proposal extends an aptly designed tabletop TUI architecture with the novel interactive paradigm of active tangible manipulatives to provide a more engaging and effective user interaction. The paper describes the deployment of the proposed TUI framework within an undergraduate laboratory session to aid in the teaching and learning of artificial neural networks. The experiment is assessed against currently adopted educational computer software and the obtained results highlight the potential of the proposed TUI framework to augment students gain in knowledge and understanding of abstracted threshold concepts in higher education.


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